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​Fisher's Popcorn History

Way back in the 1937, the world was a much different place. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was being sworn in for his second term, Mickey Mouse wasn't quite ready to celebrate his 10th birthday, and the United States was still struggling through the Great Depression. In 1937, Everett Fisher went into business with his wife's cousin, Edmund Pusey. They opened Pixton's Popcorn on the Boardwalk at Talbot Street, named after Edmund's wife's maiden name. Everett was in charge of operating the popcorn stand from day to day. After some time, Edmund Pusey decided to leave the business, and Everett Fisher continued on making his delicious caramel popcorn under his own name, using his secret recipe. Fast forward 75 years, and Fisher's Popcorn has grown along with the Fisher family. Since we started in 1937, we've grown from one small stand on the boardwalk, to four locations serving each of the Delmarva beaches, plus our popcorn is carried in over 200 grocery stores on the East Coast.

About Fishers Popcorn

​​Our secret family recipe uses 5 simple, all natural ingredients to create the perfect batch of caramel popcorn. You won't find any preservatives, additives, or additional processing here. We make our caramel popcorn entirely by hand the old fashioned way, relying on nature's ingredients, some heat, and a lot of hard work to craft a delicious treat. Making the world's greatest popcorn takes a lot of time and hard work, but we think you'll agree that even one bite is worth the effort. When it comes down to it, our popcorn just tastes better!

Fisher's Popcorn